Application and entities that are used to describe stickers on Discord.

Module Contents#

class hikari.stickers.GuildSticker[source]#

Bases: PartialSticker

Represents a Discord sticker that belongs to a guild.

description: str | None[source]#

The description of this sticker.

guild_id: hikari.snowflakes.Snowflake[source]#

The guild this sticker belongs to.

is_available: bool[source]#

Whether the sticker can be used.

tag: str[source]#

This sticker’s tag.

type: StickerType[source]#

The sticker type.

user: hikari.users.User | None[source]#

The user that uploaded this sticker.

This will only available if you have the MANAGE_EMOJIS_AND_STICKERS permission.

class hikari.stickers.PartialSticker[source]#

Bases: hikari.snowflakes.Unique

Represents the partial stickers found attached to messages on Discord.

property image_url: hikari.files.URL[source]#

URL for the image.

The extension will be based on format_type. If format_type is StickerFormatType.LOTTIE, then the extension will be json, if it’s StickerFormatType.GIF it will be gif. Otherwise, it will be png.

format_type: StickerFormatType | int[source]#

The format of this sticker’s asset.

id: hikari.snowflakes.Snowflake[source]#

The ID of this entity.

name: str[source]#

The name of the sticker.

class hikari.stickers.StandardSticker[source]#

Bases: PartialSticker

Represents a standard Discord sticker that belongs to a pack.

description: str | None[source]#

The description of this sticker.

pack_id: hikari.snowflakes.Snowflake[source]#

ID of the package this sticker belongs to.

sort_value: int[source]#

The sort value for the sticker in its pack.

tags: Sequence[str][source]#

A sequence of this sticker’s tags.

type: StickerType[source]#

The sticker type.

class hikari.stickers.StickerFormatType[source]#

Bases: int, hikari.internal.enums.Enum

The formats types of a sticker’s asset.

APNG = 2[source]#

A animated PNG sticker.

GIF = 4[source]#

A GIF sticker.

LOTTIE = 3[source]#

A lottie sticker.

More information can be found here: <https://airbnb.io/lottie/>

PNG = 1[source]#

A PNG sticker.

class hikari.stickers.StickerPack[source]#

Bases: hikari.snowflakes.Unique

Represents a sticker pack on Discord.

property banner_url: hikari.files.URL | None[source]#

Banner URL for the pack, if set.

banner_asset_id: hikari.snowflakes.Snowflake | None[source]#

ID of the sticker pack’s banner image, if set.

cover_sticker_id: hikari.snowflakes.Snowflake | None[source]#

The ID of a sticker in the pack which is shown as the pack’s icon.

description: str[source]#

The description of the pack.

id: hikari.snowflakes.Snowflake[source]#

The ID of this entity.

name: str[source]#

The name of the pack.

sku_id: hikari.snowflakes.Snowflake[source]#

The ID of the packs SKU.

stickers: Sequence[StandardSticker][source]#

The stickers that belong to this pack.

make_banner_url(*, ext='png', size=4096)[source]#

Generate the pack’s banner image URL, if set.


The extension to use for this URL, defaults to png. Supports png, jpeg, jpg and webp.


The size to set for the URL, defaults to 4096. Can be any power of two between 16 and 4096.


The URL of the banner, if set.


If size is not a power of two or not between 16 and 4096.

class hikari.stickers.StickerType[source]#

Bases: int, hikari.internal.enums.Enum

The sticker type.

GUILD = 2[source]#

A sticker uploaded to a guild.

STANDARD = 1[source]#

An official sticker in a pack, part of Nitro or in a removed purchasable pack.