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Events fired for application related changes.

ApplicationCommandPermissionsUpdateEvent #

Bases: ShardEvent

Event fired when permissions for an application command are updated.

app class-attribute instance-attribute #

app: RESTAware = field(metadata={SKIP_DEEP_COPY: True})

App instance for this application.

permissions class-attribute instance-attribute #

permissions: GuildCommandPermissions = field(repr=False)

The updated application command permissions.

shard class-attribute instance-attribute #

shard: GatewayShard = field(metadata={SKIP_DEEP_COPY: True})

Shard that received this event.

bitmask classmethod #

bitmask() -> int

Bitmask for this event.

dispatches classmethod #

dispatches() -> Sequence[Type[Event]]

Sequence of the event classes this event is dispatched as.