Major and minor releases also include the changes specified in prior development releases.

Unreleased changes (2023-09-13)#

No significant changes.

2.0.0.dev121 (2023-09-10)#


  • Add approximate_member_count and approximate_presence_count to OwnGuild. (#1659)

  • Add CacheSettings.only_my_member to only cache the bot member. (#1679)

  • Bots can now utilize Activity.state

    • When used with type set to ActivityType.CUSTOM, it will show as the text for the custom status. Syntactic sugar also exists to support simply using name instead of state.

    • Can be used with other activity types to provide additional information on the activity. (#1683)

  • Add missing Audit Log event types to AuditLogEventType (#1705)

  • Add approximate_guild_count field to own Application (#1712)


  • Handle connection reset error on shards. (#1645)

  • Retry REST requests on connection errors (#1648)

  • Add support for text in stage channels (#1653)

  • Fix incorrect calculation for the default avatar of migrated users (#1673)

  • Fix attachments not being removed in message edits when attachment or attachments is None (#1702)

2.0.0.dev120 (2023-06-08)#

Breaking Changes#

  • Remove previously deprecated module (#1612)


  • Deprecate User.discriminator (#1631)


  • Implement voice messages (#1609)

  • Implement username changes:

    • Add global_name

    • User.__str__() respects global_name now

    • User.default_avatar_url returns correct URL for migrated accounts (#1631)


  • Fix a bug in RESTClient.edit_guild which load to closed stream errors (#1627)

  • Properly handle DM channels in resolved interaction channels. (#1628)

2.0.0.dev119 (2023-05-08)#

Breaking Changes#

  • Remove deprecated functionality for 2.0.0.dev119

    • Removed TextInputBuilder.required in favour of TextInputBuilder.is_required.

    • Removed the ability to pass CommandChoices instead of AutocompleteChoiceBuilders when making autocomplete responses. (#1580)


  • Fix messages argument typing for RESTClient.delete_messages. (#1581)

  • Default HTTPSettings.enable_cleanup_closed to False.

    • CPython3.11 changes around SSLProto have made this quite unstable and prone to errors when dealing with unclosed TLS transports, which ends up in aiohttp calling close and abort twice. (#1585)

  • Guild.get_channel, Guild.get_emoji, Guild.get_sticker and Guild.get_role now only return entries from the relevant guild. (#1608)

2.0.0.dev118 (2023-04-02)#

Breaking Changes#

  • Refactors to the component builder interfaces which make them flatter:

    • Removed add_to_container from ButtonBuilder, LinkButtonBuilder, InteractiveButtonBuilder, SelectMenuBuilder, ChannelSelectMenuBuilder, and TextInputBuilder; these classes are no-longer generic and no-longer take container in their inits.

    • Replaced TextSelectMenuBuilder.add_to_container with the TextSelectMenuBuilder.parent property. This new property doesn’t “finalise” the addition but rather just returns the parent object, or raises if the select menu is an orphan. This change also involves replacing the container parameter in TextSelectMenuBuilder.__init__ with an optional parent parameter.

    • Removed SelectOptionBuilder.add_to_menu; this class isn’t generic anymore.

    • TextSelectMenuBuilder.add_option now takes all the option’s configuration as parameters and returns Self.

    • Split MessageActionRowBuilder.add_button into .add_interactive_button and .add_link_button. These both now take all the button’s configuration as parameters and return Self.

    • MessageActionRowBuilder.add_select_menu now takes all the menu’s configuration as parameters and returns Self. The new .add_channel_menu and .add_text_menu methods should be used for adding text and channel menus. Where .add_channel_menu returns Self and .add_text_menu returns a text menu builder with a parent property for getting back to the action row builder.

    • ModalActionRowBuilder.add_text_input now takes all the text input’s configuration as parameters and returns Self.

    • min_length and max_length can no-longer be hikari.undefined.UNDEFINED for the text input builder, and default to 0 and 4000 respectively. This change effects both the types accepted by ModalActionRowBuilder.__init__ and the return types of the relevant properties.

    • Removed the emoji_id and emoji_name parameters from LinkButtonBuilder.__init__, and InteractiveButtonBuilder.__init__.

    • Removed the style and custom_id parameters from LinkButtonBuilder.__init__.

    • Removed the url parameter from InteractiveButtonBuilder.__init__. (#1533)

  • Remove previously deprecated functionality:

    • Intents.GUILD_BANS (deprecated alias for Intents.GUILD_MODERATION)

    • ComponentType.SELECT_MENU (deprecated alias for Intents.TEXT_SELECT_MENU)

    • Not passing type through type argument explicitly to MessageActionRowBuilder.add_select_menu (#1535)

  • Renamed StickerPack.banner_hash to StickerPack.banner_asset_id. (#1572)


  • Renamed TextInputBuilder.required property to TextInputBuilder.is_required. (#1533)

  • Passing CommandChoices instead of AutocompleteChoiceBuilders when making autocomplete responses. (#1539)

  • moved to hikari.impl.gateway_bot. (#1576)


  • Role.mention now returns "@everyone" for the @everyone role. (#1528)

  • Refactors to the component builder interfaces which make them flatter:

    • hikari.undefined.UNDEFINED can now be passed to TextInputBuilder.set_placeholder and TextInputBuilder.set_value.

    • The standard implementation of a select option builder is now exposed at hikari.impl.special_endpoints.SelectOptionBuilder. (#1533)

  • CommandChoice.name_localizations field and separate AutocompleteChoiceBuilder for use when making autocomplete responses. (#1539)

  • Implement guild role subscriptions. (#1550)

  • Add Role.is_guild_linked_role. (#1551)

  • hikari.iterators.LazyIterator.flatten method for flattening a lazy iterator of synchronous iterables. (#1562)

  • Support sending stickers when creating a message. (#1571)

  • Added several set methods for required values to the builders:

    • CommandBuilder.set_name

    • SlashCommandBuilder.set_description

    • InteractiveButtonBuilder.set_custom_id

    • SelectOptionBuilder.set_label

    • SelectOptionBuilder.set_value

    • SelectMenuBuilder.set_custom_id (#1574)


  • emoji= can now be passed to LinkButtonBuilder.__init__ and InteractiveButtonBuilder.__init__ alone without causing serialization issues (and Pyright will now let you pass it). (#1533)

  • Open banner.txts with utf-8 encoding explicitly. (#1545)

  • Pyright will now let you pass role_mentions and user_mentions to InteractionMessageBuilder.__init__. (#1560)

  • Fixed forum channel applied tags not being a sequence of snowflakes. (#1564)

  • Switch to using for emoji images. (#1568)

  • Fixed sticker pack handling and typing:

    • Fixed deserialization raising when "banner_asset_id" or "cover_sticker_id" weren’t included in the payload.

    • StickerPack.banner_asset_id is now correctly typed as Optional[Snowflake].

    • StickerPack.banner_url and StickerPack.make_banner_url both now correctly return None when StickerPack.banner_asset_id is None. (#1572)

2.0.0.dev117 (2023-03-06)#

Breaking Changes#

  • Remove previously deprecated functionality:

    • delete_message_days parameter for ban methods. (#1496)

  • type can no-longer be specified while initialise hikari.impl.special_endpoints.TextSelectMenuBuilder and hikari.impl.special_endpoints.ChannelSelectMenuBuilder. hikari.api.special_endpoints.SelectOptionBuilder no-longer inherits from hikari.api.special_endpoints.ComponentBuilder (but it still has a build method). (#1509)


  • Pre-maturely fetch the public key if not present when starting an interaction server. (#1423)

  • Add and document the new SUPPRESS_NOTIFICATIONS message flag. (#1504)

  • hikari.impl.special_endpoints.ChannelSelectMenuBuilder and hikari.impl.special_endpoints.TextSelectMenuBuilder are now both exported directly on hikari.impl. (#1508)

  • type property to the component builders. (#1509)

  • Traits now use abc.abstractmethod. This gives better type errors. (#1516)

  • token_type now defaults to "Bot" when initialising RESTBot with a string token. (#1527)


  • Re-export missing exports from hikari.api.special_endpoints and hikari.components. (#1501)

  • Fix PartialSticker.image_url not accounting for stickers with GIF format. (#1506)

  • Await bucket manager gc task to completion when closing (#1529)

2.0.0.dev116 (2023-02-06)#

Breaking Changes#

  • Remove RateLimitedError in favour of always waiting on ratelimits. (#1441)

  • (#1455)

  • Default logging to sys.stdout stream to bring more in-line with banner output. (#1485)


  • Deprecate selects v1 functionality:

    • ComponentType.SELECT_MENU -> ComponentType.TEXT_SELECT_MENU

    • Not passing MessageActionRowBuilder.add_select_menu’s type argument explicitly.

    • InteractionChannel and ResolvedOptionData moved from hikari.interactions.command_interactions to hikari.interactions.base_interactions. (#1455)

  • Renamed Intents.GUILD_BANS to Intents.GUILD_MODERATION. (#1471)


  • Add linked roles support (models + endpoints). (#1422)

  • Add selects v2 components. (#1455)

  • Added fetch_self, edit, delete, sync, and create_guild methods to hikari.templates.Template. (#1457)

  • Add ability to suppress optimization warnings through suppress_optimization_warning=True to the GatewayBot or RESTBot constructors. (#1459)

  • Support GIF sticker image format (#1464)

  • Add support for guild audit log entry create events. (#1471)

  • Update RESTClient.edit_channnel to support setting applied_tags on forum threads. (#1474)

  • Implement reply_must_exist in create message methods (#1475)

  • Support loading files through logging.config.fileConfig in init_logging. (#1485)

  • Add orjson as an optional speedup and allow to pass custom json.dumps and json.loads functions to all components. (#1486)


  • The global ratelimit now abides by max_rate_limit. (#1441)

  • Move description_localizations from PartialCommand to SlashCommand (removing it from ContextMenuCommand). (#1470)

  • Add missing fields to GuildChannel.edit. (#1474)

  • Fix hikari.webhooks.ChannelFollowWebhook not including source in all cases.

    • source_channel and source_guild will be None instead. (#1480)

  • Fix colour logging not occurring on specific terminals (ie, Pycharm). (#1485)

2.0.0.dev115 (2023-01-03)#

Breaking Changes#

  • Remove previously deprecated functionality. This includes:

    • RESTClient.build_action_row (#1438)


  • Fix deserializing old forum channels on GUILD_CREATE missing some fields. (#1439)

2.0.0.dev114 (2023-01-01)#

Breaking Changes#

  • BulkDeleteError:

    • No longer contains a messages_skipped attribute.

    • messages_deleted renamed to deleted_messages. (#1134)

  • RESTApp and RESTBucketManager now need to be started and stopped by using .start and .close. (#1230)

  • Remove long deprecated async with support for EventStream. (#1426)


  • Deprecate the delete_message_days parameter for PartialGuild.ban and Member.ban. (#1378)


  • Allow async iterators in RESTClient.delete_messages. (#1134)

  • RESTClientImpl improvements:

    • You can now share client sessions and bucket managers across these objects or have them created for you.

    • Speedup of request lifetime

    • No-ratelimit routes no longer attempt to acquire rate limits

      • Just for safety, a check is in place to treat the route as a rate limited route if a bucket is ever received for it and a error log is emitted. If you spot it around, please inform us! (#1230)

  • Add save() method to Resource. (#1272)

  • Allow specifying the delete_message_seconds parameter for PartialGuild.ban and Member.ban.

    • This parameter can be specified as either an int, a float, or a datetime.timedelta object. (#1378)

  • Support yielding in interaction listeners. (#1383)

  • Add Indonesian locale as hikari.Locale.ID. (#1404)

  • Improve pyright support (#1412)

  • Improve error raised when attempting to use an asynchronous iterator synchronously. (#1419)

  • Add missing Application fields:

    • Application.custom_install_url

    • Application.tags

    • Application.install_parameters (#1420)

  • Add support for guild forum channels. (#1430)

  • Add a warning when not running in (at least) level 1 optimization mode. (#1431)


  • Buckets across different authentications are not shared any more, which would lead to incorrect rate limiting. (#1230)

  • Suppress incorrect deprecation warning regarding event loops. (#1425)

  • Properly close unclosed file descriptor when reading banner.

    • This only affects versions of Python >= 3.9. (#1434)

  • Start GC of bucket manager when creating a rest client. (#1435)

  • Fix incorrect value in CommandBuilder.is_nsfw. (#1436)

2.0.0.dev113 (2022-12-04)#

Breaking Changes#

  • Remove previously deprecated functionality.

    This includes:

    • Message.mentions

    • nick argument in rest methods

    • edit_permission_overwrites, edit_my_nick and command_builder rest methods

    • CacheView.iterator (#1347)


  • Deprecate RESTClientImpl.build_action_row in favour of RESTClientImpl.build_message_action_row. (#1002)


  • Implement modal interactions.

    • Additionally, it is now guaranteed (typing-wise) that top level components will be an action row (#1002)

  • Add new UserFlag.ACTIVE_DEVELOPER. (#1355)

  • Allow specifying a filename to hikari.files.URL. (#1368)

  • Only subscribe to voice events when needed in the voice manager. (#1369)

  • Add functionality to create and deserialize age-restricted (NSFW) commands. (#1382)

  • Threads cache. (#1384)


  • Allow re-uploading attachments when creating messages (#1367)

  • Fix error caused when disconnecting the bot and having active voice connections. (#1369)

  • Remove incorrect is_nsfw field from threads.

    • The “NSFW” status is inherited from the parent object and not sent for threads.

    • This also involved moving the base attribute from GuildChannel to PermissibleGuildChannel. (#1386)

Documentation Improvements#

  • Documentation overhaul and move to domain. (#1118)

2.0.0.dev112 (2022-11-06)#

Breaking Changes#

  • Moved permission overwrite mapping and permission related methods from GuildChannel to PermissibleGuildChannel. (#811)

  • Support v10 attachments edits

    This includes breaking changes, features and things to look out for when editing messages:

    • Modifying attachments in messages that contain embeds with any image attached to them now requires the images of that embed image to be re-passed in the edit or they will be lost.

    • attachment and attachments in message edits now support passing an Attachment object to keep existing attachments.

    • replace_attachments has been removed, as it is now the default.

      • attachment and attachments now supports None to replicate the behaviour of fully removing all attachments.

    • InteractionMessageBuilder.clear_attachments has been implemented to remove existing attachments from messages. (#1260)


  • Thread support for REST requests and gateway events. (#811)

  • Startup and shutdown callbacks for the RESTBot interface/impl. (#999)

  • Support specifying with_counts and with_expiration in RESTClient.fetch_invite (#1330)

  • Support for including the SUPPRESS_EMBEDS flag while creating a message. (#1331)

  • Add MANAGE_EVENTS permission to hikari.Permissions (#1334)


  • Wrong typehint for InviteGuild.features. (#1307)

  • Fix aiohttp error “charset must not be in content type” when using InteractionServer (#1320)

  • The REST list methods (e.g. fetch_channels) no-longer raise hikari.errors.UnrecognisedEntityError when they encounter an unknown type. (#1337)

  • Fix deprecation warnings in CPython3.11 in hikari.internal.ux. (#1344)

2.0.0.dev111 (2022-09-26)#

Breaking Changes#

  • Lifetime improvements breaking changes:

    • GatewayBot.join’s until_close argument removed.

    • GatewayShardImpl.get_user_id is no longer async and will now always be available.

    • GatewayBotAware no longer defines the default parameters for join, start and run. It is left to implementation detail. (#1204)

  • Remove support for ProcessPoolExecutor executor when reading files

    • It is much more efficient to use a threadpool executor for I/O actions like this one

      • Due to the nature of process pool, we were also not able to perform proper chunking when reading off the file (#1273)


  • Deprecate CacheView.iterator in favour of using the itertools module. (#1289)


  • Add python 3.11-dev support. (#847)

  • Support for Application Command Localizations. (#1141)

  • Improve components lifetimes:

    • GatewayBot:

      • General speedups.

      • Fix a lot of edge cases of hard crashes if the application shuts unexpectedly.

      • More consistent signal handling.

      • run’s shard_ids argument can now be a typing.Sequence.

      • Improved logging.

    • RESTBot:

      • Consistent signal handling inline with GatewayBot.

      • Improved logging.

      • Improved loop closing.

    • GatewayShardImpl:

      • New is_connected property to determine whether the shard is connected to the gateway.

      • Faster websocket pulling and heartbeating.

      • Improved error handling.

      • Rate limiting changes:

        • Chunking no longer has its own special ratelimit. Now it is shared with the rest of “non-priority” packages sent, which is of 117/60s (3 less than the hard limit).

          • “priority” packages currently only include heartbeating. (#1204)

  • Implement slash option min/max length fields (#1216)

  • Add mention property to PartialChannel. (#1221)

  • Implement new Gateway reconnect logic enforced by Discord. (#1245)


  • Lifetime improvements bugfixes:

    • GatewayShardImpl can now be instantiated out of an async environment for consistency with other components.

    • Correct signal handling in RESTBot. (#1204)

  • Improve BadRequestError’s error string. (#1213)

  • Fix hikari.impl.VoiceImpl.connect_to silently failing if the guild or voice channel do not exist by providing a timeout. (#1242)

  • dm_permission now correctly defaults to True instead of False when parsing command objects from Discord. (#1243)

  • Fix float precision issues when creating a snowflake from a datetime object. (#1247)

  • Fix reposition_channels to use the correct route. (#1259)

  • Allow for replace_attachments kwarg to be used in RESTClient.create_initial_response. (#1266)

  • Ignore guild create events which contain unavailable guilds (#1284)

2.0.0.dev110 (2022-08-08)#

Breaking Changes#

  • Removed case of Member.mention returning bang (!) mention, as it is deprecated by Discord. (#1207)


  • RESTClient.edit_permission_overwrites renamed to RESTClient.edit_permission_overwrite (#1195)


  • Add and relevant cache internals. Add sticker related public methods onto hikari.impl.CacheImpl and hikari.guilds.Guild. (#1126)

  • GuildVoiceChannel now inherits from TextableGuildChannel instead of GuildChannel. (#1189)

  • Add the app_permissions field to command and component interactions. (#1201)

  • Add application command badge (#1225)


  • Fix how CommandBuilder handles default_member_permissions to match the behaviour on PartialCommand. (#1212)

2.0.0.dev109 (2022-06-26)#

Breaking Changes#

  • Removal of all application commands v1 related fields and endpoints.

    • Discord has completely disabled some endpoints, so we unfortunately can’t deprecate them instead of removing them (#1148)

  • Removed the resolved attribute from AutocompleteInteraction as autocomplete interactions never have resolved objects. (#1152)

  • build methods are now typed as returning MutableMapping[str, typing.Any]. (#1164)


  • messages.Mentions object deprecated

    • Alternatives can be found in the base message object (#1149)


  • Add create method to CommandBuilder. (#1016)

  • Support for attachments in REST-based interaction responses. (#1048)

  • Add option to disable automatic member chunking. Added the auto_chunk_members kwarg to GatewayBot and EventManagerImpl, which when False will disable automatic member chunking. (#1084)

  • Allow passing multiple event types to the listen decorator. Parse union type hints for events if listen decorator is empty. (#1103)

  • Animated guild banner support. (#1116)

  • Implement application commands permission v2.

    • New default_member_permissions and is_dm_enabled related fields.

    • Added

    • Added APPLICATION_COMMAND_PERMISSION_UPDATE audit log entry (#1148)


  • Improved pyright support. (#1108)

  • RESTClientImpl.fetch_bans now return a LazyIterator to allow pagination of values. (#1119)

  • Fix unicode decode error caused by latin-1 encoding when sending the banner. (#1120)

  • Don’t error on an out-of-spec HTTP status code (e.g one of Cloudflare’s custom status codes). HTTPResponseError.status may now be of type http.HTTPStatus or int. (#1121)

  • Fix name of polish locale (hikari.Locale.OL -> hikari.Locale.PL) (#1144)

  • Properly garbage collect message references in the cache

    • Properly deserialize PartialMessage.referenced_message as a partial message (#1192)

2.0.0.dev108 (2022-03-27)#

Breaking Changes#

  • hikari.config has now been split up to hikari.api.config and hikari.impl.config to avoid leaking impl detail. This also means that config types are no-longer accessible at the top level (directly on hikari). (#1067)

  • Hide the entity factory’s component deserialize methods. (#1074)

  • Remove nonce parameter from create message. This was purposely removed from the bot api documentation inferring that its no-longer officially supported. (#1075)

  • Remove VoiceRegion.is_vip due to Discord no longer sending it. (#1086)

  • Remove store sku related application fields and store channels. (#1092)


  • Renamed nick argument to nickname for edit member and add user to guild REST methods. (#1095)


  • Scheduled event support. (#1056)

  • get_guild() is now available on hikari.GuildChannel. (#1057)

  • Optimize receiving websocket JSON for the happy path. (#1058)

  • The threaded file reader now persists the open file pointer while the context manager is active. (#1073)

  • Optimize event dispatching by only deserializing events when they are needed. (#1094)

  • Add hikari.locales.Locale to help with Discord locale strings. (#1090)


  • fetch_my_guilds no-longer returns duplicate guilds nor makes unnecessary (duplicated) requests when newest_first is set to True. (#1059)

  • Add InviteEvent to, and hikari.__all__. (#1065)

  • Fix incorrect type for ATTACHMENT option values. (#1066)

  • EventManager.get_listeners now correctly defines polymorphic and returns accordingly. (#1094)

  • Take the major param for webhook without token endpoints when handling bucket ratelimits. (#1102)

  • Fix incorrect value for GuildFeature.MORE_STICKERS. (#1989)

2.0.0.dev107 (2022-03-04)#


  • Added a total_length function to hikari.embeds.Embed

    • Takes into account the character length of the embed’s title, description, fields (all field names and values), footer, and author combined.

    • Useful for determining if the embed exceeds Discord’s 6000 character limit. (#796)

  • Added attachment command option type support. (#1015)

  • Add MESSAGE_CONTENT intent. (#1021)

  • Custom substitutions can now be used in hikari.internal.ux.print_banner. (#1022)

  • get_guild() is now available on hikari.Member. (#1025)

  • The notorious “failed to communicate with server” log message is now a warning rather than an error. (#1041)

  • hikari.applications, hikari.files, hikari.snowflakes and hikari.undefined are now all explicitly exported by hikari.__init__, allowing pyright to see them without a direct import. (#1042)


  • Fix bucket lock not being released on errors while being acquired, which locked the bucket infinitely (#841)

  • enable_signal_handlers now only defaults to True when the run/start method is called in the main thread. This avoids these functions from always raising when being run in a threaded environment as only the main thread can register signal handlers. (#998)

  • Sub-command options are now properly deserialized in the autocomplete flow to AutocompleteInteractionOption instead of CommandInteractionOption. (#1012)

  • Attempt to reconnect on a gateway TimeoutError. (#1014)

  • Properly close GatewayBot when not fully started. (#1023)

  • The async context manager returned by now errors on enter if the target file doesn’t exist to improve error handling when a file that doesn’t exist is sent as an attachment.

    The multiprocessing file reader strategy now expands user relative (~) links (like the threaded strategy). (#1046)

2.0.0.dev106 (2022-02-03)#

Breaking Changes#

  • Running the standard interaction server implementation now requires a hikari[server] install.

    This matches a switch over to PyNacl for the cryptographic payload validation. (#986)


  • Deprecated RESTClient.command_builder and RESTClient.create_application_command.

    You should switch to RESTClient.slash_command_builderand RESTClient.create_slash_command respectively. (#924)


  • Add context menu commands and command autocomplete. (#924)

  • Added support for GET /users/@me/guilds/{guild}/member. (#955)

  • Add the SUPPRESS_USER_JOIN_REPLIES system channel flag. (#957)

  • Add new message content intent related application flags. (#958)

  • Add the BOT_HTTP_INTERACTIONS user flag. (#959)

  • Add new presence activity flags. (#960)

  • Add URL methods and properties for rich presence assets. (#961)

  • Add locale and guild_locale properties to interactions. (#962)

  • Add ability to send attachments in an interaction initial response. (#971)

  • Add display_avatar_url property to hikari.Member and hikari.User. (#975)

  • old_x keyword arguments in the event factory now default to None. (#984)

  • Strip tokens in the standard bot impls and RESTApp.

    This helps avoids a common mistake with trailing new-lines which leads to confusing errors on request. (#989)


  • Relaxed typing of methods with union entry specific specialisations through overloads. (#876)

  • Fix deprecation warnings raised by usage of asyncio.gather outside of an active event loop in (#954)

  • UTF-8 characters are now properly handled for audit-log reasons in REST requests. (#963)

  • Fix magic methods for UserImpl and its subclasses. (#982)

2.0.0.dev105 (2022-01-01)#


  • Add min_value and max_value to CommandOption (#920)

  • Add flags attribute to Application (#939)

  • Implement member timeouts

    • Add raw_communication_disabled_until and communication_disabled_until to Member

    • Add MODERATE_MEMBERS to Permission

    • Add communication_disabled_until attribute to edit_member (#940)


  • Improved pyright compatibility and introduced pyright “type-completeness” checking. (#916)

  • Add EventStream.filter specialisation to the abc. (#917)

  • Update the app command name regex to account for more recently documented support for non-english characters on Discord’s end. (#918)

  • Fix reposition_roles using the wrong route. (#928)

  • Fix PartialSticker.image_url not passing the hash as a string (#930)

  • Fixed the url being generated for role icons to not erroneously insert “.png” before the file extension (#931)

  • Fix some bugs in message deserialization

    • Remove case for setting member and reference_message to undefined.Undefined in full message deserialization

    • Don’t set message.member to undefined.UNDEFINED on partial message deserialization if message was sent by a webhook (#933)

2.0.0.dev104 (2021-11-22)#

Breaking Changes#

  • Remove the redundant ChannelCreateEvent, ChannelUpdateEvent and ChannelDeleteEvent base classes. GuildChannelCreateEvent, GuildChannelUpdateEvent and GuildChannelDeleteEvent should now be used. (#862)

  • Split bulk message delete from normal delete

    • The new event is now (#897)


  • edit_my_nick rest method. (#827)

  • EventStream is now a sync context manager, not async. (#864)


  • User banners and accent colors to user models. (#811)

  • Add attachment “is_ephemeral” field (#824)

  • Guild member avatars (#825)

  • RESTClient edit_my_member method which currently only takes “nick”. (#827)

  • Add role icons (#838)

  • RESTClient.entity_factory property (#848)

  • Added component support to InteractionMessageBuilder. (#851)

  • EventStream.filter now always returns EventStream. (#864)

  • Allow for passing a URL for avatar_url on execute_webhook. (#889)

  • Add old_message attribute to (#897)

  • Switch to more relaxed requirements. (#906)


  • Don’t raise in bulk delete when message not found by delete single message endpoint (#828)

  • Setup basic handler if no handlers are defined in favour passed to logging.config.dictConfig (#832)

  • InteractionMessageBuilder and RESTClientImpl.create_interaction_response now cast content to str to be consistent with the other message create methods. (#834)

  • create_sticker method failing due to using an incorrect body. (#858)

  • Fix logic for asserting listeners to not error when using defaults for other arguments (#911)

  • Fix error message given by action row when a conflicted type is added. (#912)

2.0.0.dev103 (2021-10-06)#

Breaking Changes#

  • USE_PUBLIC_THREADS and USE_PRIVATE_THREADS permissions have been removed in favour of new threads permission


  • GuildAvailableEvent will no longer fire when the bot joins new guilds

    • Some guild_create-ish methods were renamed to guild_available (#809)

  • Remove hikari.errors.RESTErrorCode enum

    • The message that is sent with the error code is the info that the enum contained (#816)

  • PermissionOverwrite doesn’t inherit from Unique anymore and isn’t hashable. Equality checks now consider all its fields. (#820)


  • Add new START_EMBEDDED_ACTIVITIES permission (#798)

  • Support new channel_types field in CommandOption (#800)

  • Add the add_component method to hikari.api.special_endpoints.ActionRowBuilder (#804)

  • Add old_guild attribute to GuildLeaveEvent. (#806)

  • Add GuildJoinEvent that will fire when the bot joins new guilds (#809)


  • Fix re-uploading forms with resources (#787)

  • Prevent double linking embed resources, which causes them to upload twice

    • This was caused by attempting to move the resource from one embed to another (#788)

  • Fix BulkDeleteError returning incorrect values for messages_skipped

    • This affected the __str__ and percentage_completion, which also returned incorrect values (#817)

Documentation Improvements#

  • Add docstrings to the remaining undocumented GatewayBot methods (#804)

2.0.0.dev102 (2021-09-19)#

Deprecations and Removals#

  • MessageType.APPLICATION_COMMAND renamed to MessageType.CHAT_INPUT (#775)

  • Removal of deprecated and hikari.traits.BotAware

    • Use and hikari.traits.GatewayBotAware respectively instead (#778)


  • Message components support (#684)

  • Web dashboard example with rillrate (#752)

  • Sticker methods to PartialGuild (#754)

  • Sticker audit log event types (#756)

  • Helpful Application object methods (#757)

  • Missing audit log change keys (#759)

  • Retry request on 500, 502, 503 and 504 errors

    • Default retry count is 3, with a hard top of 5. This can be changed with the max_retries argument (#763)

  • New is_for_emoji methods to relevant reaction events (#770)

  • Add USE_EXTERNAL_STICKERS permission (#774)

  • Add MessageType.CONTEXT_MENU_COMMAND message type (#775)

  • Add ApplicationCommand.version (#776)


  • Handling of interaction models passed to the webhook message endpoints as the “webhook” field (#759)

  • Fix passing embeds arguments in create_interaction_response and edit_initial_response endpoints

    • Fix deserialization of embeds in create_interaction_response

    • Fix TypeErrors raised in edit_initial_response when passing a list of embeds (#779)

  • Improve typing for message objects and message update methods

    • Fix the use of typing.Optional where undefined.UndefinedOr should have been used

    • Remove trying to acquire guild_id from the cached channel on PartialMessage

      • Instead, clearly document the issue Discord imposes by not sending the guild_id

    • is_webhook will now return undefined.UNDEFINED if the information is not available

    • Fix logic in is_human to account for the changes in the typing

    • Set PartialMessage.member to undefined.UNDEFINED when Discord edit the message to display an embed/attachment (#783)

  • CommandInteractionOption.value will now be cast to a Snowflake for types 6-9 (#785)

Documentation Improvements#

  • Fix typo in Colorish docstring (#755)

  • Remove duplicate raise type in REST and guilds docstrings (#768)

  • Fix various spelling mistakes (#773)

The changelog was added during the development of version 2.0.0.dev102, so nothing prior is documented here.